Thinking for the Future


Dotty Dungarees is committed to working responsibly and sustainably.
What emerged from a love of the humble dungaree became a way for us to promote the values which are most important to us. And never have those values been more important than today.
We only work with partners we know and we trust. We have strong personal relationships with our manufacturers. Wherever possible we strive to reduce our impact on the natural world: our use of plastics is minimal instead opting for paper mailers and cotton packaging, while our clothes travel by land or sea instead of by air.

Seasons come and go - as do trends - but our clothes are designed to stay the course. They are fundamentally sustainable. They grow with your children, they can be worn come rain or shine, season after season, year after year, from generation to generation.
We take a long-term view in everything we do.

Designed to Last

Our dungarees are made specifically – and uniquely - with longevity in mind.
Unlike most fast-fashion retailers, our dungarees are designed to grow with your child. With fully adjustable straps and generous turn ups, your little one will enjoy a full year’s worth of wear and tear. And after that, they can be handed down from sibling to sibling and beyond.
We only make one core product so we know what we’re doing. We have tried and tested our dungarees down to the very last detail.
We only source the softest – yet most practical - fabrics, making our clothes not only amazingly comfortable but really really heard wearing. We challenge you to find softer denims or corduroys anywhere on the market!
Plus all of our full-length dungarees are lined in 100% cotton jersey, so that there are no seams on the inside to irritate little legs.
What’s more we are the first brand to put zips between the legs instead of poppers because, well, they just work better! The nappy changes are faster and more stress free than laboriously popping individual buttons. And there is no risk of them coming unstuck open with an overfull nappy!
Each size has been designed with room to grow of at least a year thanks to the adjustable straps and turn ups.
So yes, they may be that little bit more expensive than your average high street brand, but it’s worth it for the life they will live and the memories they will make…