10 Minutes with Nicky Hilton... (April 2021)

10 Minutes with Nicky Hilton... (April 2021)

10 Minutes with Nicky Hilton... (April 2021)

Nicky's Top Tips

You effortlessly run a busy business and are Mum to two adorable girls… What is your advice to age old question of how to juggle work and family?

The lines have definitely been blurred in the past year! Obviously there is no perfect answer but I try and take a really long term perspective to it. I hope that over the course of their childhood I will have balanced presence as a mother with acting as a role model as a working mom. But on a daily basis the balance is never perfect.  

Few people know more about managing a wardrobe than you do! How do you find managing your girl’s clothes and how much say do they have over what they wear? 

I feel like I’m constantly shopping because at this age my girls are growing so fast! I always buy them a size up. Both of my daughters are very girly so they love dresses which makes getting dressed a bit easier..Im not constantly searching for tops and bottoms. Teddy (my 3 year old definitely gets a lot of hand me downs from her big sister.) 

What is the single most important thing to you, in choosing clothes for them?

Comfort and quality. As weird as it may sound- I also like to dress my kids like children. I don't really get this trend of parents dressing their children like miniature hip adults. They have their whole life to do that. That’s probably why I love dungarees so much!  There is something so sweet and innocent about them- not to mention how practical they are.

What was your biggest surprise from life during Covid 19? 

I think it really taught us all how precious life is and to be grateful for what we have. It has been a reminder to appreciate the smaller things in life we often take for granted.

If there was one thing you would keep, from the craziness of lockdown life, what would it be? 

I strangely liked the not leaving the house for days at a timeThere was something so cozy about being locked down with my familyThat quality family time was definitely the silver lining of the pandemic. 

Quick Fire Quiz: 

Books or movies? Movies 

Pizza or pasta? Pizza 

Cosy night in or party night out? Staying in 

Bond or Bourne? Bond 

Introvert or extrovert?  Introvert 

Tea or coffee? Tea 

Cats or dogs? Cats 

New York or LA? NY


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