Barbie Outfits for your Little Ones

Barbie Outfits for your Little Ones

Barbie Outfits for your Little Ones

Here at Dotty HQ, we have gone a bit Barbie mad! So to celebrate all things Barbie, we decided to pull together our top 10 favourite Barbie outfits for your little ones, plus a bonus for you.
Here are our favourite Barbie outfits for your mini Barbies, and Kens of course!

Pink Stripe Dress

We have to start our list of favourite Barbie outfits for your little ones with our iconic Pink Stripe Dress, perfect for any Barbie parties, or to go and see the new movie.

Featuring thin pinstripes in a sweet candy pink, we think this outfit perfectly encapsulates Barbie’s glamorous and pretty style.
This sweet dress features a cute polka dot detail on the lining, and comes with matching polka dot knickers for ultimate style and comfort.
For something a bit different but equally cute, why not go for our Pink Stripe Dungaree Shorts, same comfortable style for effortless exploring.

To complete the Barbie look, we would pair this dress and shorts with our Edie Frill Top for a pretty and glamorous outfit. Add white plimsolls to create a cool laid-back look.

Tonal Shorts

Now we have found the perfect outfit for Barbie, we couldn’t forget Ken! When we think of Ken’s fashion style, we imagine bright, bold colours, perfect for the beach. Our range of Tonals shorts are just the thing!

Choose from lots of bright colours including green, purple, blue, and pink, and wear with a matching Jack Tee to recreate the iconic Ken look.
Our Tonal shorts were inspired by the new Barbie movie, with their fun bright colours, and unique patchwork design. Bold enough to stand out, but in complementary colours for the ultimate fashionista.
Made of breathable cotton, they are super soft and light for playful adventurers. Designed for the beach, their lightweight material is easy to brush sand off, and dry if your little ones get caught by a bigger wave than expected. We’ve all been there!

Tonal Dungarees

Want something bright in colour but a bit more nostalgic? Our Tonals dungarees are one of our favourite Barbie outfits! Available in bright pink, ideal for your miniature Barbies, and bold blue, for all of your little Kens.
Made of 100% cotton, they are breathable, lightweight, and soft to touch. We think they are perfect for beach adventures.

Pair with a matching Jack Tee in pink or pale blue to complete the Barbie look.

Pink Checkerboard Shorts

As one of the most iconic Barbie outfits from the new movie, we had to include our Pink Checkerboard Shorts as part of our favourite Barbie outfits for your little ones!
With a cute checkerboard pattern in pale pink, these shorts make a great retro Barbie outfit, perfect for a Barbie-inspired party.

We would pair these shorts with cute ankle socks and white plimsolls, or ballerina pumps for a pretty, girly look. For full-on glamour, why not add a pink bow to your little one’s hair, and pretty pearls to complete this iconic Barbie look.
Looking for something a bit different? Our Checkerboard shorts also come in Blue and multi-coloured Harlequin, for a cool rockstar look.

Floral Jersey Dress

We couldn’t compile a list of our favourite Barbie outfits without including a floaty dress. Our Floral Jersey Dress is super cute and flowy. Made from jersey cotton, it is soft to touch and fits comfortably against delicate skin.

Featuring a sweet ditsy floral print, we think Barbie would approve of this glamorous and pretty design.
This dress is perfect for dressing up at a birthday party, or Summer BBQ. Due to it’s comfort and breathability, our jersey dress is equally ideal for road trips, and sunny exploring over the holidays.
Pair this jersey dress with one of our Jack Tees to re-create the 90s trend of wearing maxi dresses over t-shirts, and protect delicate skin from the hot sun in warmer weather.

Tie Dye Rainbow Dress

It’s as if our Tie Dye Rainbow Dress came straight out of Barbie’s closet! With subtle yet pretty pastel shades, and an almost shimmery finish, our Rainbow Tie Dye Dress is one of our favourite Barbie outfits.
This is one of our most popular styles in our Lymington shop due to how beautiful the colours are. It’s also super soft so perfect for little ones’ skin.
With an almost-shimmery finish, this dress is perfect for both beach adventures, or a more dressed up look for a birthday party.
All of our dresses come with matching knickers, for comfortable coordinating. Our Tie Dye dress comes with sweet pastel pink matching underwear.
We would dress this outfit up with our Edie Frill Top, to create a glamorous and stylish outfit, perfect for all your little Barbies.

Tie Dye Blue Shorts

Love our Tie Dye range but want something a bit different? Our Blue Tie Dye Shorts are definitely for you!

With a subtle, pale blue finish, in a sweet tie dye design, these shorts are perfect for both your little Barbies and Kens.

We love teaming our blue tie dye shorts with one of our pretty Peter Pan collars. Go full-on girly with pink hearts, or plain white to bring attention to the beautiful colours of the shorts. Add a hair bow to make these shorts even more glamorous.
To re-create Ken’s look, pair our Blue Tie Dye shorts with our Pale Blue Jack Tee, and add a colourful pair of retro sunglasses to complete the outfit.

Love Heart Shorts

We couldn’t complete our list of Barbie outfits without including something with hearts on! Our Love Heart Shorts are perfect to re-create that iconic Barbie look.
Featuring a pretty frill detail on each leg, these cream shorts are very reminiscent of the glamour and femininity of Barbie outfits. Team with our short sleeve Peter Pan collar to complete the outfit, giving an elegant style.

Looking for something a bit different? This cute design is also available as a Cream Pink Heart Shorts and full-length Love Heart Dungarees for all kinds of Barbie fashionistas!

Green Denim Shorts

For all your mini Kens, we have the perfect outfit which is smart, fun, and fashionable of course! We think that our Green Denim Shorts would surely make it into Ken’s wardrobe.
Super soft to touch and made from cotton, our shorts are breathable and lightweight, perfect for sunny adventures on the beach. Pair with one of our Jack Tees for a casual, cool look. With their pop of colour, these shorts also make a great outfit for smarter occasions. Team with our Maxi White Top to transition these shorts from beach adventure to evening dinner out. Perfect for a Summer holiday!
Looking for a different colour? We’ve got you! Our range of Denim shorts were inspired by the bright palette of ice cream and also come in Sunshine Yellow and Sky Blue.  

Pale Denim

To complete our very favourite Barbie outfits for your little ones, we had to include a classic style we know both Barbie and Ken would appreciate.


You don’t get more classic than our Pale Denim collection. We think Ken would choose our Pale Denim Shorts as he practically lives at the beach, and is partial to the double denim trend from the 90s!
Barbie would probably prefer our Pale Denim Dungarees giving us the ultimate cool girl vibes. Dress up with one of our Peter Pan collars, we love our Pink Spot Collar with these to add a girly twist to a classic design.


Bonus: Wide Pink Stripe Dungarees

So now you have finished getting your little ones all ready for the new Barbie movie, what are you going to wear? Don’t worry, we have that covered! Our Wide Stripe Pink Dungarees for adults make one of the cutest, and sleekest Barbie outfits ever.

For the trend-led of you out there, pair our adult dungarees with a crop top, creating a bold statement outfit, something Barbie would definitely approve of.

We love our pink stripe dungarees teamed with a cute white jumper to create a fun and playful outfit which can be dressed up with heels, or down with sneakers. Try adding a vintage denim jacket for a cool look.
Now it’s your turn to create your own Barbie outfits! We can’t get enough of seeing your stylings of our Dottys so make sure to tag us @dottydungarees in your Stories, and posts on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our grid.
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