Women's Overalls Looks that will take you back to the 90s

Women's Overalls Looks that will take you back to the 90s

Women's Overalls Looks that will take you back to the 90s

With the change of season, we are feeling the urge to update our wardrobe, and where best to look for inspiration than the 90s! A time when women's overalls were the coolest thing you could wear. From Rachel Green on Friends styling many different overall looks, to girl band TLC rocking denim overalls in matching stonewash.

We couldn’t resist pulling together our favourite women's overalls looks from the 90s to the present day. So here are our favourite women's overalls looks... 


After watching too many episodes of the hit 90s sitcom Friends, we couldn’t help but notice the number of women's overalls outfits on the show.

Take Rachel, the show’s most notorious fashionista, who wears many relaxed overall styles. From cute denim overall shorts, to a vintage pair of full-length overalls, Rachel knows how to style a pair of women's overalls! Our favourite look is when she teams her denim overalls with a cute green tee for the ultimate cosy style.


Even Monica and Phoebe have their own take on women's overalls. Monica pairs hers with a plain roller neck top, perfect for cooler autumnal days. Whilst Phoebe showcases her more eccentric style by teaming her navy overalls with a multi-coloured jumper.

We also love Monica’s ultra-feminine dungaree look which she creates by pairing loose-fitting overalls with a tight crop top, showing off her curves in an elegant way.


For something a bit different, and very 90s, why not try tying a jumper around your waist. Rachel makes this work by choosing a navy lightweight cardigan tied around her waist. Or for something a bit edgier, why not wear your women's overalls unclipped and worn folded down.


Want to re-create this look? Our adult overalls come in Blue and Navy Corduroy to achieve the ultimate Friends style.

Princess Diana

Moving on from famous sitcom characters to royalty!

Princess Diana knew a thing or two about fashion and was spotted wearing a pair of casual denim overalls tied at the waist to accentuate her hourglass figure. Pair our women's overalls with a white blouse to recreate this look.  



From royalty to iconic pop bands, TLC loved their women's overalls! Whether it was wearing matching dark stonewash overalls, or contrasting brightly-coloured overalls, TLC certainly knew how to rock a pair of women's overalls.


To achieve the ultimate 90s style, pair our new brightly-coloured overalls with a plain white tee. Choose from MintBlue, or Pink overalls.


Side stepping into the 2000’s, women's overalls became less about slouchy style, and more about showing off women’s silhouettes. By teaming loose-fitting overalls, with tight crop tops, and off-the-shoulder tops, celebrities like Rihanna transformed the laid-back overall into something sexy and stylish.


Try combining 90s and 00’s style by wearing your women's overalls with an off-the-shoulder top, and a jumper tied around your waist like Rihanna.

Want to create a cooler vibe with your women's overalls? Simply unclip one side of your overalls to create an effortless, slouchy look. Pair with a tight-fitting top to create a more feminine style.

Our brand new colours, Khaki and Navy will work perfectly to achieve this look.

Emma Thompson

We were surprised to see actress Emma Thompson sporting a number of different overall looks. From classic denim styles worn with a blazer, to a more rocker look in dark overalls paired with a black tee.


To achieve this cool rock vibe, try our Navy women's overalls paired with a black jumper and ankle boots.


Cher certainly knows how to stay fashionable over the years, evolving her look to stand the test of time.


We spotted her looking super stylish in slick black leather women's overalls. To achieve a more glam look, she paired her overalls with a white jumper and dark lipstick. We are loving this stylish take on a pair of overalls! Definitely one to try at home, but maybe with a more comfortable fabric, like our new chunky corduroy women's overalls.

Sarah Jessica Parker

We couldn’t write a blog about women's fashion without mentioning the fashion icon that she is, Sarah Jessica Parker! Of course she had a pair of women's overalls.


Sarah pairs her denim overalls with a thin grey jumper, cute booties, and sunglasses of course! We can’t get enough of her laid-back style.

Our new Khaki and Navy colours will work well to recreate this relaxed look. To freshen up a dark wardrobe, why not try pairing our Mint women's overalls with a white jumper.

Lily Collins

Who better to bring us back to present-day fashion than actress Lily Collins. We adore her effortless yet chic fashion style since we binged all seasons of Emily in Paris!


Lily knows how to make any outfit stand out and we love her many stylings of women's overalls.

From sharing on Instagram a picture of herself beach-ready in cute denim overalls with a soft knitted jumper and oversized sunhat, to her autumnal vibe in brown overalls, paired with a paisley shirt, creating a boho 70s look. We could definitely take some styling cues from Lily Collins.

Try this look yourself with our Khaki women's overalls paired with a chiffon blouse in a floral print. We think the bolder the print the better!

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